Saturday, 3 April 2010

Earl Bostic - Dance To The Best Of Bostic (King LP 500)

Side 1
1. Flamingo
2. Always
3. Deep Purple
4. Smoke Rings
5. What No Pearls
6. Jungle Drums

Side 2
1. Serenade
2. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
3. Seven Steps
4. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You
5. Don't You Do It
6. Steamwhistle Jump

I picked this one up a few days ago in a second hand record shop in Glasgow city centre. Of course it’s not the original 1950s LP, it’s a 1980s repro. There are quite a few crackles, hisses and pops, but musical enjoyment won’t be impaired. The album has what is possibly my favourite Bostic track (so many to choose from!) – “Serenade” – a growling piece of very danceable semi-exotica with great guitar by Al Casey, vibes by Gene Redd, and an irresistible swing.

This was the first 12 inch LP released by King, originally as King 395-500, in 1956. According to the Both Sides Now website, the original release had a picture of Earl Bostic on the cover, but the LP was re-released in the late 1950s as King 500 with the babemongous picture featured on this post. Drag your eyes away from the attractive young lady and you can’t help but notice that that is one weird photo.

Recording and original release details:

“Serenade” (T7) and “Seven Steps” (T9) were recorded in New York, March 23rd, 1950. Personnel: Earl Bostic (as) Count Hastings (ts) Gene Redd (vib) Clifton Smalls (p) Al Casey (g) Keter Betts (b) Joe Marshall (d)

“Serenade” was released as King 4369, “Seven Steps” was released as King 4387

“Don’t You Do It” (T11) was recorded in New York,October 13th, 1950. Personnel as above, except Eddie Barefield replaces Al Casey (g)

“Don’t You Do It” was released as King 4683

“Flamingo” (T1), “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” (T8), “Always” (T2) and “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” (T10) were recorded in New York, January 10th, 1951. Personnel: Gene Redd (tp,vib) Earl Bostic (as) Count Hastings (ts) Clifton Smalls (p) Rene Hall (g) Keter Betts (b) Jimmy Cobb (d)

“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” was released as King 4437, “Flamingo” b/w “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You “was released as King 4475, “Always” was released as King 4454

“Steamwhistle Jump” (T12) was recorded in New York, December 17th, 1952. Personnel: Richard "Blue" Mitchell (tp) Earl Bostic (as) Ray Felder (ts) Gene Redd (vib) Joe Knight (p) Mickey Baker (g) Ike Isaacs (b) George Brown (d)

“Steamwhistle Jump” was released as King 4603

“What No Pearls” (T5) was recorded in Los Angeles, June 6th, 1953. Personnel: Blue Mitchell, Tommy Turrentine (tp) Earl Bostic (as) Stanley Turrentine (ts) Luis Rivera (p) Herman Mitchell (g) Mario Delagarde (b) Albert Bartee (d)

“What No Pearls” was released as King 4644

“Deep Purple” (T3), “Smoke Rings” (T4) and “Jungle Drums” (T6) were recorded in Cincinnati, August 24th, 1953. Personnel: Blue Mitchell, Tommy Turrentine (tp) Earl Bostic (as) Stanley Turrentine (ts) Edward Richley (vib) Alexander Sample (p) Charles Grayson (g) Bob Burton (b) Granville Hogan (d)

“Smoke Rings” b/w “Deep Purple” was released as King 4674, “Jungle Drums” was released as King 4708

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here:

1. Flamingo
2. Always
3. Deep Purple
4. Smoke Rings
5. What No Pearls
6. Jungle Drums
7. Serenade
8. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
9. Seven Steps
10. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You
11. Don't You Do It
12. Steamwhistle Jump

For a full write up on Earl Bostic, see the previous post “Earl Bostic Blows A Fuse.”

For some early Gotham and King Bostic sides see the previous post “Sax O Boogie.”


aroonie said...

That's Earl, brother! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

MU link isn't working.


boogiewoody said...

Bad news - link removed by MU.

boogie350 said...

I've been trying to track down an old song I believe was by Earl Bostic called "Just Too Shy" for years. I used to have it on a 45. It sounded like a theme song for a 50's sitcom.

Makell Bird said...

thank GOD this had some vibes on it. Now googling for some Earl Redd. Vibes are my fave instrument and instantly puts me at ease when I hear it. All the sax players on here are great as well

KL from NYC said...

You got lucky with this Highland Music (Gusto Records) re-issue.
One of the Bostic CDs that I bought of theirs had one song cut off after about a minute. has whole pages on:

The King "Sing" re-issues:

The licensed International Re-issues:

and the commercial King re-issue CDs (although that page hasn't been updated much):

Oh, and Thank You for this one (I almost forgot about that).

Baron said...

Thanks BW

Anonymous said...

I actually found the 1950s mono version with the girl on the cover at a local record store. Bought it for 99 cents and it sounds great!

I got into Bostic when I took a chance on some 78s... liked him ever since.