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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bill Doggett LP re-upped - Hot Doggett!

Dead rapidshare and megaupload links replaced - another request fulfilled! It's Christmas I tells ya. This LP was sent in by an anonymous donor some years ago. Cool organ / sax / guitar instrumental combo from King Records. Tracklist:

Side 1
1. High Heels
2. Honey Boy
3. True Blue
4. Wild Oats
5. Gumbo
6. Squashy

Side 2
1. Percy Speaks
2. Oof!
3. Shove Off
4. Quaker City
5. Who's Who
6. Early Bird

Download from here:

Original post is here, although not much info in it:

It's almost Christmas so a certain collection will have to be re-upped tomorrow ...

1 comment:

ROCK 'N' BILLY said...

Great album!!! Thanks for the post!!